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The Sadhu

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Now in development as a Hollywood feature film with producer Mark Canton (’300’ ‘The Immortals’)
“The script recalls the training part of Batman Begins.”
“A must have graphic novel.”
– Blog Critics Magazine“…a thoroughly enjoyable yarn.”
– Fractal Matter“…comparisons could be made to Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Its great to see this type of fantasy return to comics.”
– Broken Frontier
In the east, there is a tradition. they say that the first quarter of your life should be devoted to “learning.” that means from a baby, all the experience of the Universe imprinting itself onto you and your consciousness. the second quarter or stage is “earning.”Do a much as you can and make as much as you can. The third stage is all about your family, with all that you’ve earned, make sure that they are comfortable and taken care of. That’s your responsibility, and, I might add, your family is not just your parents, your wife, your seed – it’s your neighbors, and your community, your society, in fact it’s all of humanity.And then there’s that fourth and final stage. and just as it started, so it ends – it’s all you again.That’s when you walk away. when you leave it all behind and seek silence, when you merge back into your self and find deeper meaning in your existence. they call the experience sanyas. and they call those who seek it, SADHUS. I was once a sadhu, sitting on the threshold of moksha…spiritual liberation… enlightenment. But i’m not one anymore. because I lusted after something else, something I couldn’t let go of to find peace…REVENGE.
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